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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 25, 2012 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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was bad. in april of 2011, steven and johnson filed against each other. it was no surprise they didn't get along. what people described yesterday is that steven, who they heard from in the last years just shows up, all of a sudden, dressed in a suit. he looked like he was going to work with a black briefcase and gun. "the new york times" reports a co-worker was seen on his linked in page as another manager at the company saying she was with him when she saw johnson lurking behind some cars. she said oh my god, what is he going to do. i talked with witnesses who saw him walking down the street. they described him as having a handgun next to him. he was lurking around, trying not to let anyone see he was armed.
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he pulls out the gun and starts firing away, obviously targeting him deliberately. >> do we know how many shots he got off? >> it's unclear how many shots he got off or whether anybody was injured at that scene. what happens after that, johnson, apparently changed or yelled at by various people runs up the street to the corner. he's right by the empire state building, hangs a left and ends up in front of the building. you can see from the video, he's no longer running away. he casually walks through the crowd like he's trying to disappear into the crowd. that's when police were alerted to what happened, run out, they see him. you can see from the video, he's got the gun again and he goes down. police confirmed there were 16 shots fired right there in front of the empire state building in front of tourists. full view. >> that is certainly scary
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moments in a popular tourist destination. thank you very much. turning now to tropical storm isaac, which is passing over haiti this morning bringing strong winds and high waves to a country trying to recover from a devastating earthquake two years ago. let's bring in bonnie. good morning. there are reports isaac lost some of the strength over haiti. where is the storm now and where is it headed? >> right now, the storm is working away from haiti, but still bringing drenching rains. a new update, we have a hurricane warning in effect for the u.s. mainland for parts of florida. it's from bonita shores to florida bay. it includes the keys. a hurricane watch north of there. as we take a closer look at what's happening now with the storm, a piece of energy is pounding south florida right now. we are getting very heavy rain. we can show you a live picture
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of miami at this hour. wind and rain is hitting the region. heavy rain and the frequent lightning strikes hammering the key west area. look how narrow and skinny the keys are. this is just the beginning. the storm works closer to the keys. right now, the maximum winds are at 60 miles per hour. gusts are close to hurricane force. the storm is on the move as we look toward the rest of the weekend. tomorrow, we'll talk impacts on south florida, especially the keys. the storm is scurrying cuba. this uncertainty reflects whether the storm will push to the north or south. as we go through the next days whether or not it will move to the west. notice tampa is still in the cone of uncertainty. we are looking at a category one tuesday with the republican
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convention nearby. we are looking at the storm. you'll see into thursday, as you zoom into here, we are watching the potential and threat for heavy rain across the southeast and cities like birmingham and atlanta later on this week. this is going to be a weather maker for us throughout the entire week. the southeast needs to take preparations if you are under the hurricane warning. make your precautions now. >> we are getting amazing video in from haiti. we'd like to share it with viewers now. this is video that cnn has taken. you can see heavy winds there. we talked with gary tuckman earlier. he was in port-au-prince, the capital, and there was rain there. it was too early to get out and about. when you see winds like this, it's scary. 400,000 people still in a tent city in haiti after the earthquake a couple years ago. we'll continue to watch this. we are hoping to get martin
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welcome back. let's move to politics now. with a couple days left until the republican national convention mitt romney is stuck
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talking about things other than economic ideas. romney made a joke in michigan. the crowd loved it. the obama campaign, not so much. here it is. >> i love being home in this place where ann and i were raised. ann born in henry ford hospital, i was born in harper hospital. no one's ever asked to see my birth certificate. they know this is the place we were born and raised. >> yes, the crowd liked that. romney said in the past he believes the president was born in the u.s. here is the response from the obama campaign quoting governor romney's decision to enlist himself in the birther movement should give pause to america. joining me is paul steinhauser in ohio ahead of a mitt romney/paul ryan rally scheduled for later this morning. the obama campaign jumped over the comment. what is romney saying now?
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>> reporter: romney was asked about it last night in an interview. let's take a listen to that. >> why did you say that? >> we were in michigan. ann and i were both born in detroit. humor goes a long way. it was great to be home, in a place ann and i had grown up. the crowd loved it and got a good laugh. >> this was a swipe at the president. i wond e why you took it. >> no, no, not a swipe. there's no question about where he was born. he was born in the u.s. this is about us and coming home. humor, you know, we have to have a little humor in the campaign as well. >> you through red meat at the conservative wing of the party. >> no, this is about being in michigan, the place where we were born and raised. >> reporter: you could call it an unforced error. romney wanted this to be about welfare and the economy. let's be honest, this became a
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big distraction. the only thing the media was talking about were romney's comments on where his birs certificate was. in the beginning of the week, he was distracted from the comments of todd akin from missouri. again, the romney campaign taken off message. they are going to try to get back on in ohio, a crucial battleground state. randi? >> paul, what about ann romney. she has a new speaking slot at the convention. why is that? what is the slot? >> she was supposed to speak on monday night. the broadcast networks are not taking that night live. cnn is. because of that, the romney campaign wanted to move her to a different night. they feel she's very effective for her husband. there was talk of moving her to thursday.
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the problem there is marco rubio. the senator from florida is speaking thursday night. they decided on tuesday night. she'll speak in prime time on tuesday night. >> michelle obama is going to speak as well at the democratic convention. it probably had something to do with that move. thank you very much. nice to see you. >> thank you. a new beginning at penn state. we'll hear from some of the football players as they prepare for the new season moving forward, but not forgetting the past. people really love snapshot from progressive, but don't just listen to me. listen to these happy progressive customers.
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it's a new season at penn state. a new chance for players to put the crimes and disappointments of the past months behind them. it will be tough for others to see penn state without thinking
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of joe paterno, jerry sandusky and the abuse of young boys. for the players, they are trying to put the focus back on football. jason is on campus. >> reporter: i sat down with five players. there were no questions that were off limits during the discussion. we talked about a number of things, how the scandal affected them personally, how it affected the team and they spoke of their former coach, joe paterno. >> this whole situation has been a life lesson, starting back in november. you know, you have to go through struggles to, you know, to have a successful life. >> you can place blame, you can say things were fair or unfair. you can do all of that. at the end of the day, it is what it is. this is the situation we are in. >> reporter: what are your thoughts on those who left the team, transferred out. >> it's tough. you built a relationship. we worked out with them for a
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couple years, hung out with them, had great times. >> we were great friends with some of those guys. at the end of the day, doing what's best for you is what you have to do. >> reporter: did any of you consider, maybe i will switch? maybe i will transfer? >> as a younger guy, it runs through your head. these guys were here. i'm not leaving these guys. they are my brothers. we went through a lot together. >> reporter: joe paterno, a man larger than life in some resperkts. do you miss him? >> to have a guy like that in your life and to be the kind of man he was, i'm happy i was here with him for four years. he'll be greatly missed. >> as crazy as everything is that happened, we are with coach o'brien right now. it's the guy helping us get through all this. >> september 1st is becoming so
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much more about football. you know, we are playing, obviously for ourselves and our coaches and now for the alumni, for the fans. we are playing for the past, present and future of the penn state football program. starting september 1st, we have the opportunity to make history. >> reporter: you remember what happened when the ncaa issued sanctions against penn state. since then, nine players decided to transfer to other schools. i asked the players how it affected them and the team. they say it hurt. the focus is on the players who are here. they say their team now is stronger and closer, actually, in the wake of the scandal. randi? >> jason carroll reporting. while the team looks forward to the new beginning, they are not forgetting what happened. the players will have blue ribbons on the back op their helmets. it supports victims of child abuse. most people have a moment in life they wish they could do over.
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one party's embarrassing moment can become the other party's opportunity to highlight it. both republican and democratic national conventions are ready to kick off back-to-back. today we're walking down memory lane for some memorable moments. dean, let's start with this awkward pose. richard nixon may take the goal for an awkward moment during the convention. 1972. remind us of it. >> that was a time when sammy davis said, i'm happy you're president. i want you to be president in the future as well. he was president. those are the awkward moments that define a candidate in a way, his off the cuff remark and how they respond to it gives you an insight into how they were. they are always so guarded. this is the kind of thing being
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fun. richard nixon trying to be cool. >> we all know there's so many speeches during a conventions, short ones, long ones, bad ones, really, really long ones. remember how the audience cheered after bill clinton's long speech in 1998. >> don't you ever forget it. michael dukakis will never, ever, ever forget it. in closing -- [ cheers and applause ] >> that is so great. remember, as soon as he said in closing, you could hear the crowd erupt. >> that's a bronx cheer. as a comedian, if i go for my last set and cherg cheering. most of the time bill clinton is a good speaker. he is. that went for an hour.
7:55 am
it was supposed to go 20 minutes. barack obama gave a speech in 2004, keynote, 16 minutes and viewed as one of the best key notes in modern day. shorter is better. >> let's talk about the lip lock that lasted too long. al gore's kiss with tipper in 2000. what do you make of that. >> that went too long. that's like the bill clinton speech. this was painful. he's grabbing her. it reminds me of the cartoon peppy la pew, the female cat trying to get away. too long like speeches are uncomfortable to watch. it's like watching parents kiss. no one really likes to see that, be honest with you. >> a long one then back in for another little one. then of course those moments when the jokes fail to make people laugh. remember the bush twins. how can we forget that. here is a reminder. >> she thinks s"sex and the cit"
7:56 am
is something married people do but never talk about. >> she said something like they are not laughing at us. they are not lafrg. it was painful, right, dean? >> dying is hard, comedy issez is the adage. i've been honest, we've told many jokes to audiences where they don't laugh. it's painful at the time. they were doing a joke about grandmother and "sex and the city." you don't say those two words unless you're trying to gross people out. if you're not a professional comedian and they say, hey, do you want to tell jokes in front of 25 million people, no. >> grandmother was not laughing. >> you almost want to watch tipper and al kiss after that. >> nice to see you. this was very memorable.
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